Find the Right Hair Removal Procedure for You

There are different methods of removing body hair. This came as a result of a long history of development in this area of physical improvement. True enough, since a lot of cultures believe that clean, flawless and hairless body skin (excluding the hair pre se) is actually beautiful. Thus, from the original tweezers that have long been used to pluck out one hair at a time, other mechanical methods like waxing, threading and sugaring have been developed. Yet hair removal procedure has transcended these painful and tedious methods due to the development of machines that semi-permanently or even permanently hamper the growth of hair.

The earliest hair removal procedure is called plucking. One carefully plucks out all the unwanted hair in the body using tweezers. This has once been the favored method in taking out underarm and nose hairs. Since the procedure takes to much time and has proven itself to be a hazard to the skin itself, innovations were made. Thus came threading, waxing and sugaring. All of them still cause pain on the part of the person yet, given the type of one time application (save for threading), it minimizes the uncomfortable sensation in plucking.

Another hair removal procedure doesn’t touch the sub-skin structure of the hair. This means that only the surface hairs are removed. The generic term for this is depilation. This is opposed to the aforementioned procedures that are generally called epilation methods. The most common example of depilation is shaving. Yet, there are other means like the use of chemical solutions or creams that take out body hair on the surface level. This kind of hair removal procedure may indeed be less painful and expensive yet, its maintenance level is pretty high. Thus, at the end of the day, one still spends the same amount of money with longer application time. Yet, in spite of all of these facts, depilatories still remain popular in the market.

The most recent developments in hair removal stemmed out of the 1997 development of the laser method. True enough, all of these light related procedures have been used in order to permanently take out hair. In fact, only these kids of methods could hamper hair growth permanently, i.e. other than expensive, painful and dangerous skin surgeries. Light is used to heat up melanin in the skin in order to damage the follicles so that hair won’t grow from them anymore.

Any hair removal procedure is okay so as long as one makes sure that the method is indeed safe for him/ her.



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